Math and Science Summer Program


Purpose and Vision

Participants will learn new math and science concepts – the “whys” and the “hows” – through concrete exploration, targeted instruction, and collaborative activities. As students' skill grows, their confidence begins to blossom, and so does their love of math and science! 


Program Highlights

* Students will have an opportunity to improve their math and science skills.

* Students will embark on a journey of new learning in preparation for the next grade level. 

* Students will develop systematic approaches to experimental design and problem – solving.


An Unforgettable Learning Experience Designed to Target all Learning Styles.

Hands on Experiences

Algebraic Thinking

Problem - Solving

Making Connections

Real—World Experiences

Experimental Design 

Registration Information

Session Dates

* Each Session is 1 week Monday - Friday 

 8:30 am  -  12:30 pm

* Session 1: June 8th - June 12th

* Session 2: June 15th - June 19th

* Session 3: June 22nd - June 26th

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Location: TBA

Online Registration will open in January

Summer Program Forms & Documents

Complete all forms prior to the start of weekly program sessions.